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About HSAIL-Instruction-Set-Simulator support

Question asked by cyhsu on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by jedwards

I am finding some methods to directly run a program on my PC(with out APU) with hsail-ISA simulator on hsa foundation's github cause some practical factors(money..),

and I have few questions about it, if I said something wrong, I will be happy if you guys tell me

I have some things that have been bothering me with HSAIL-ISA simulator.


1. Is that HSAIL-ISA simulator work flow is such as  :  "main.cpp">>".hsail file" >> ".brig file" >> "llvm file" >>"our host ISA" then run.

2. CLOC can translate kernels code from OpenCL C to HSAIL, so can we run that hsail file on this simulator?

3. if this(2) can be, what actually execution(Kernel code in HSAIL ) will run on my host PC, will it just simulate it's behavior with CPU or can directly run on my GPU