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    Windows 10 HD 8750


      Windows auto update ran this morning.  Now I am receiving the following error message and system is in loop




      Is there a compatibility problem with Windows 10 & Radeon HD8750M drivers?

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          I have exactly the same issue since Windows update ran yesterday. I am using Windows 10 on HP ProBook 450 G1 with AMD Radeon HD8750M.


          Since then I have tried updating the AMD Radeon HD8750M driver from HP website as well as searched and updated the latest driver through Windows Device Manager but to no use. Seems like drivers from both these sources are causing compatibility issues and BSOD.


          I managed to stop the restart loop by restarting in safe mode and disabling the AMD Radeon HD8750M from device manager.


          There should be a fix for the driver and it is urgently needed.