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How to freely switch between dual-graphics card on AMD A10-7400p APU?

Question asked by hadifchelsea on Aug 31, 2015

I have just recently bought a laptop. It is ASUS X550ZE with:

AMD A10-7400p APU

Radeon R6 Graphics

Radeon R5 M230



My question is how can I freely change the graphics card in use? Some  people say look for the settings in bios but I can't find it anywhere. In the catalyst control center there is only the option for Dual-graphics that enables and disables the crossfire function. The reason I'm asking is when I play GTA 5, I get the 'disappearing' texture glitch when Dual graphics is enabled. But when I disabled it the problem is gone. But how can I tell which graphics card is being used? Primary or Secondary? Integrated or Dedicated? R6 or R5? In CPU-Z it only shows the R6 graphics and nothing about the R5 M230. Any answers would be appreciated.