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Problem to see openGL application via x11vnc using AMD driver

Question asked by stefano1786 on Aug 31, 2015

Hi all,

I want to take the control of my application (running on a Linux system, specifically it's a customized Lubuntu distro) from my laptop PC (Windows 7 OS).

On my Linux target, I want to use AMD graphic driver, in order to have better performance.


I tested these two solutions, with these results:


  • Solution open source

OpenGL renderer: Gallium 0.4

OpenGL Version: 3.0 Mesa 10.1.3 (an implementation free and open source of openGL standard).

Graphic Driver: radeon

--> No problem to establish a remote desktop session via x11vnc while the application (that use openGL) runs in full screen mode.


  • Solution using Proprietary Linux Graphics Driver (AMD Catalyst 15.7 the last version present on AMD website)

OpenGL renderer: AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics

OpenGL Version: 4.5

Graphic Driver: fglrx

--> Problem to establish a remote desktop session via x11vnc only while the application runs in full screen mode (we don’t see application and the lxde DE is freezed [at level of client obviously. On the target, the application runs correctly. See file attached. You can see my application Ci1Gui reduced at the bottom of the screen with desktop freezed]).


Someone could you please help me?


Thanks a lot.