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r9 270x resolution 3 monitors

Question asked by li4amd on Aug 30, 2015

Problem: Unable to get all 3 monitors to display at the same frequency.

Hardware configuration: Dual-boot system (8-core, 32GB RAM, Windows 10, Linux Mint 17.2 [ubuntu]);

                                                                     XFX R9 270X video card (2xDVI, 2xMiniDisplayPort, 1xHDMI);

                                                                     3 Acer K272HUL (27in, max res 2560x1440) max ref 75hz);

                                                                     AMD drivers installed in linux:  amd-driver-installer-15.20.1046-x86.x86_64;

                                                                     latest drivers available installed in Windows.

Connections: 2xDVI to Iogear KVM (left and mid monitors); 1xMiniDisplayPort to far right monitor.


Far left monitor, fed by #2 DVI only displays at 1920x1080.  Catalyst shows this to be the max reported resolution for the monitor connected.

Mid and far right monitors both display at 2560x1440 and show this resolution as max in Catalyst

Same results in Windows.


I have tried moving connections around, same results, unless I am using both MDPs, and DVI #1.  As the KVM is DVI, I need to use the 2nd DVI port.


I have gone through the FAQs and searched the help forums to no avail.  Evertything I have found leads me to believe that this configuration should work, with all monitors running at max resolution.


I would appreciate any advice as to what to try next.


Thank you

Steven Wheeler