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Out of Range

Question asked by spitfirebob on Aug 30, 2015

When I install the AMD catalyst my monitors go black and display “out of range.”  Is there a way to stop AMD catalyst control center from defaulting to a single screen so I am not blinded by the error?

I need to lower the resolution of the displays but can't get it not to default back to the error.


Driver: Catalyst 15.7.1

OS: Windows 10 64 bit

GPU: R9 920

CPU: FX 8350

Motherboard: M5A99FX pro r2.0

Two Problem Monitors: LG Flatron l226w and l226wa both 1680x1050

Backup functioning monitor: LG flatron w1942tq 1440x900

Prior to problem, both 1680x1050 have been incorrectly listed as 1920X1080 75Hz displays under catalyst suite’s “panel information” page.


Problem started when I created a new eyefinity group. I selected one of the 1680x1050 to start with and the screens went black, as usual, the windows device discounted/reconnected sound was played, but then the monitors stayed black and the monitor’s user interface system’s popped up with “HDMI: Out of Range” and similar “64.1kHz/60Hz Out of range” . I used my keyboard to shut windows down, I disconnected the offending displays, leaving only the 1440x900 and started the PC again. The display worked fine. I uninstalled the AMD drivers shut my computer down reconnected the displays and windows ran the 2 displays perfectly in a duplicated mode. Listing them as 1680x1050 64Hz PnP monitors.


I downloaded and reinstalled the drivers but after the first few screen flickering of the install the display went black and displayed the “Out of range error”. This has been repeated many times. I can recover by switching to the 1440x900 monitor.


When I while running solely on the 1440x900 display with the drivers installed plugging in either of the problem monitors causes the driver to disconnect my working display and output only to the problem display. Making it impossible for me to edit the resolution.


The screens work fine when I boot into safe mode from MSconfig, but changing the resolution here does not persist into the non safe mode boot.


I found that the HDMI capable LG L226wa monitor will work if it is plugged in via a different method. i.e. I instead of connecting it via HDMI I  connect it with a DVI cable, then it works fine with the 15.7.1 driver installed however if I connect it back with the HDMI cable it fails. Both monitors work fine when connected to a laptop.


Is there some sort of AMD catalyst preference setting file I can delete so the setting doesn’t persist over reinstalls?


Are there incorrect 1920x1080 EDID files in the window registry?




I will update if I find a solution.