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After reinstalling Windows screens went black Sapphire HD 7950

Question asked by soilworker on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by soilworker

Hi guys! I am having issues with the newest Catalyst drivers, I've reinstalled windows yesterday, and after installing the newest Catalyst and rebooted, screens are turning off as soon as Windows is loaded. Im having Windows 7x64 , my graphic card is Sapphire HD 7950. Ive never had this issue before after reinstalling. I removed the drivers under windows safe mode using Display Driver Uninstaller, rebooted and installed older drivers under Windows normal mode, still happening the same, as soon as windndows is loading, screens are turning off. I've tryed with many older versions of Catalyst, still nothing works.. Please I need help...could it be because i didnt install Windows service pack? I am installing only the Screen drivers and catalyst, nothing more. Thanks in advance for your help!