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Can we please get Vulkan (DirectX12) for Windows 7 instead please?

Question asked by warsun on Aug 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by waltc

It is as i posted.I have tested Windows 10. It was pure spyware.I could not keep a private folder on my computer without it being sent to the Police an government from not just my country but other counties from the open ports this added to my Router.It`s totally unsafe.The single most safeless OS i have ever seen.I do not want it.An i certainly do not want it on the latest Laptops.I would rather have Anything else an i do mean anything else.Linux,Firefox OS,Steam OS.Anything.But more than likely Windows 7.I can at least block most of the stuff in that.So please AMD.Just made a Vulkan or DX12 for Windows 7.An offer it as an upgrade.As long as i can run most programs and Games.I would be content.