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Update to catalyst-15.7.1 and HD 7970 broke after

Question asked by dom on Aug 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by shoesfx

Hi update to catalyst-15.7.1 and i think that my HD 7970 broke after.??

Before the update I had no problem, now when I try to open a game, the screen freezes or I have a blue screen with white lines.

I also had a blue screen of death with the following message: atikmpag.sys error.

The computer boots up well before the opening of a game.


I uninstall the graphics card and I came back to an older version(14.501.1003.0) of Catalyst that worked well before/ reinstall drivers.

I try a point restore, but it's not working. I tested the RAM and are fine.

Same blue screen again: (Critical error - Kernel-Power, EventID 41 )

My fans are set as fast and I have a temperature of 52.


Do I have to buy a new graphics card? It has only 2 years ...

Ty , sorry for my bad english.