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catalyst control and graphic settings are not opening even after clicking

Question asked by scuddie on Aug 30, 2015

I own a satellite s55 b5157 and I upgraded to windows 10 recently. but I have noticed a drastic change in my laptop performance.

1) noticeable lag in opening windows and apps

2) GPU settings and catalyst control do not open even after clicking.

3) gaming performance very obviously hampered. severe lag in light games even such as CS condition zero!!


Can someone please help me out with my GPU problem? I tried looking for updates on the Toshiba support page but the only drivers for windows 10 are intel hd graphics. they don't help at all.

I cant seem to find ANY way of getting my AMD Radeon R7 M260 working again. its pretty obvious that my system is running solely on intel HD Graphics and not with my GPY.

Yet in Device Manager.....the AMD driver is reported to be working properly.


AMD...I could really use a fix for this GPU.

I'm using windows 10 Pro 64 bit.