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Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered

Question asked by penguin on Aug 30, 2015

Hello AMD Support,


I am having this problem whenever I played 3D game but not having problem running video files. I have reduce the setting for the game to the lowest and updated to the latest Catalyst Control Center and driver. (15.7.1). Also, the spec of my computer exceed the min. requirement of the game.


Spec of my com as follows:

CPU:                    Intel i5-3470 (1155)

Motherboard:     ASUS P8z77-M Pro (LGA1155)

Ram:                    Kington DDR3 PC12800/1600Mhz 8GB

Graphic Card:     Powercolor 1Gb 7770 PCS+ DDR5 PCI-E

PSU:                      FSP 550W Aurum Series Platium 92+ Modular

OS:                         MS Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit


Please advise.