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APU/Motherboard compability with Win XP SP3?

Question asked by roffen on Aug 30, 2015

I am that rare personality that still insist on using Windows XPSp3. The motherboard is a Gigabyte F2A88XM-HD2, and after it turned out that my A4 Richland APU was not XP compatible -  but a Trinity APU would be compatible, I bought such one and put it in place.


That solved one problem using XP: The NIC now works with XP.

But video still didn't work properly because a proper driver could not be found.


I therefore put in an old video card I had lying around, installed a Catalyst driver, and now I have satisfactory video performance.


But the fact remains, a videeo driver for the motherboard/APU combination was not avilable on the suppor DVD, nor was any found on the internet.


I have become scepetical about the combination Gigabyte motherboards and APU's. Separation between CPU functions all I/O functions is the safest and 'best' solution as far as I am concerned. Maybe it all just boils down to how squeezing max utility out of hardware to keep initial costs and  power consumption down entail drawbacks.


So my system works all right with both XP and WIn7 now but has taken much too much time and effort te get there.