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AMD Driver makes Windows Updates hang (Windows 10) - Black screen and hang before login

Question asked by sunitjj on Aug 30, 2015

So this is my laptop:


Notebook Model: HP G62 455TX

Processor Type: Intel Core i3 2.5Ghz

Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370



I've recently installed windows 10 and updated my display driver with AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 for Windows 10.


Everything seemed fine until I restarted my system for the first Windows Update (WU). The updates install and just when it shows 'restarting' the white dots stop moving and I can't move the mouse either. So after waiting for about half an hour, I force shut down the laptop with the power button. I boot up again and it takes forever to load at the windows logo. At the black screen before the login appears, it takes more time. After a few seconds, the mouse appears and a few seconds after that, my laptop hangs. I also did note the screen dimming like it does when leaving the laptop on for a while. This dimming occurred before it hung though.


I didn't try safe mode yet, but I did a system restore to get my laptop working again.

I have found a temporary workaround for this though: Just before I restart my system for a WU, I uninstall my display driver from device manager and restart. The updates then install as usual. The driver is reinstalled automatically when I reboot.


Is there another update for my AMD driver or a permanent fix for this? My only other option is to keep creating restore points and keep uninstalling the display driver from Device Manager before a WU restart.