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Problem with drivers

Question asked by mkropka on Aug 30, 2015

Hi guys!


I got a big problem with my Radeon 7600M drivers. Whenever I try to instal drivers for it, it comes to black screen, sometimes when instalation program is still runing, sometimes after the reboot.


After rebooting it comes like : windows logo is on, then it should show me the logon screnn, but it only comes with black screen. When i reboot it it shows me the BSOD with VIDEO TDR FAILURE ( atikmpag.sys).

Im running on windows 8.1 with Intel Core i3, its a laptop.

Ive tryied to instal catalyst 15.4.1 , catalyst omega 14.12 , catalyst 15.6.beta and catalyst 15.7.1. All ended with same error.

I can only use my PC when i delete drivers in safe mode.

Ive already tryied reinstaling win8, and without any other programs just instal driver for both graphic cards ( RADEON and INTEL HD ) still no results.

When i only uninstal drivers for INTEL HD problem is not occuring, but the RADEON graphic card isnt working as well without INTEL HD drivers.

Hope U guys understand me, sorry for any mistakes as im not native english.