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How to force Win 7 to search for AMD Catalyst software updates?

Question asked by pstein on Aug 30, 2015

For an AMD chipset based Radeon graphic card I installed AMD Catalyst software (in 64bit Windows 7).


From time to time an update services (task?) searches automatically in Internet for possible software updates.


When it finds such a new update a popup appears telling me the found new version (see attached snapshot).

AMD Radeon found new Catalyst driver update.png

I want to disable automatic search and to perform a manual on-demand search instead.


1.) How excatly can I disable automatic search (in AMD Catalyst software or Win Registry) ?


2.) How can I start a manual search?

If possible I prefer not to search on a web pages but to start (by doubleclicking) the update program on my Win 7 installation.

How can Iachieve this?