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    AMDCompressCLI.exe cannot load png


      What are the requirements on source images? In examples.bat we find for instance "AMDCompressCLI -fd BC7 -Quality 0.01 .\images\boat.png  .\results\1a_boat.dds" but when I try that it always says "Error: loading image", even when using boat.png as input. Why?


      The old Compressonator works just fine. Frankly this new command line tool is no improvement.

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          I'm going to move this to the graphics tools forum, and ping the engineer.

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            Can you provide me with more details on the issue as to how you are running the application.

            Are you runing from command prompt at the original installation target folder or from another location.


            The application needs to reference a subfolder called plugins which contains codecs for image processing by the command line tool. (in this case png.dll)

            If that folder is not present or content is corrupted it will give you the Error: loading image


            Unfortunately "Compressonator" does not support newer compression formats such as BC6H and BC7 which has been added to the new command line application and SDK. Our upcoming release will continue to add additional texture compression formats,  file IO capabilities (such as KTX File Format - Khronos Group ) and new image processing codec(s).




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                Sorry for the delay: initially a web site glitch prevented me from replying.


                Yes I was running the tool from another location; ti works if I run it from the CLI directory. That is inconvenient, though. This is a small tool.Why don't you just statically link all necessary libraries? Failing that, shouldn't there be an AMD_COMPRESS_HOME env. var. or something?





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                    For the question: "shouldn't there be an AMD_COMPRESS_HOME env. var. or something"

                    Currently the command line tool does not have the ability to search for the plugin directory in any other system path setup or environment  variable.

                    It expects to have the plugin sub directory at the executable files location.  Your suggestion for providing the ability to run the application from another location or having an environment variable will be considered for future release.


                    For the question: "Why not statically link the necessary libraries"

                    The plugins are designed for conveyance in providing updates and modularity for use with future applications such as a GUI version of the tool and image analysis.

                    On the next release example code will be provided on how you can add your own plugins for customizable image codecs.