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R7370 AMD Card + Win10??

Question asked by hawk7 on Aug 29, 2015

Hey guys, So i recently bought the XFX R7370 Graphics card... I have windows 10 and now my resolution looks crappy and not clear no matter what I do.


I tried to mess around with the control center and change the resolution and display and calibrate but it's just not looking good at all.


My monitor is a HP-2159m. I'm just trying to make sure this card is working right and how to fix my resolution, if anyone could help that would be awesome!


Gyazo - 7df060f3a5570762c3c4e9fbd9173c12.png


Gyazo - 68a9d280e74ecfb9bb005db4e9ea7d10.png


Gyazo - be01f8ff4ebab780d2a09b715bac597f.png


Gyazo - 629a96ffd0e0cccdd1def3bbf9d5a704.png