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    how to hook up 3 monitors with w4100?


      i just purchased the FirePro W4100.  I have 2 Samsung S27C230 & 1 Acer AL2216W monitor.  all 3 monitors have a DVI connector.


      i also purchased 3 DP to HDMI adapter cables based on some reviews that I read that implied they were needed. ( i bought these:  Amazon.com: AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI Adapter: Computers & Accessories ).


      Each adapter cable was connected to an HDMI to DVI cable and plugged into the back of the monitor.


      i can't get more than 2 monitors to display at at time (any 2 of them as I've swapped parts around to ensure that I didn't have a bad adapter cable, port, etc). in the AMD FIrePro control center it comes up and shows the 3 monitor as disabled.  I've also used the DP to DVI cable that came with the Firepro card and that doesn't seem to help.


      i don't really understand the chart in the back of the quick install manual.


      what am I missing and what do I need to get 3 monitors working at one time?


      thanks so much!!!