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Crossfire Graphic glitches

Question asked by tpmost on Aug 29, 2015

System info:


Asus Hero

8GB 2400 Kingston

1000w PSU CoolMax

WD 1TB Black

XFX R9 280x

MSI R9 280X


all drivers current (as far as I can tell)


when I play certain games under crossfire, it has major graphical glitches (Far Cry 4, Sky Forge to name but 2).  Certain areas flash green or other colors in Far Cry 4, or freezes images on the screen and blurs them like a camera shutter staying open in Sky Forge.


Is there a way to fix this other then just disabling Crossfire all together?  these are both new games and I would think this would be supported.  I haven't tried many games with it yet, I seem to be stuck on this problem.   Benchmarks like Heaven have no issue what-so-ever.