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Updating - AMD Radeon HD 6630M

Question asked by videope on Aug 29, 2015

My Sony Vaio Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium is preinstalled with:

AMD HD 6630M and

Intel HD Graphics 3000


I am trying to update the drivers because AMD keeps crashing when video or photo editing.

At one point I found an update to the driver:

amd download.png


I found out that before I install the AMD update I had to update the Intel graphics driver so I stopped.

I have run the INTEL Update Utility and have found none.


My question:

1) Can I go ahead updating the AMD DRIVER from an HD 6630 with a catalyst-omega?

I have no idea what the difference is.

2) Can I go ahead updating the AMD DRIVER with the catalyst-omega without having to update INTEL's?


If anyone out there has the answer I swear I'll go to church Sunday.