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    R7 260X windows 10 driver crashing


      I just purchased an R7 260X.  When using the released Windows 10 driver, the secondary monitor does not work with MixVibes Cross video output.  Slideshows, and continuously crashes the video driver over and over.


      I have removed the windows 10 driver and latest version of catalyst and installed the Windows 8 driver that came on a CD from the manufacturer which so far works perfectly.  I have had to disable the automatic driver updates in Windows 10 to prevent the unusable driver from being reinstalled automatically. (very frustrating, but that's a windows problem not yours)


      I have submitted a bug report through the feedback system already with my system information and driver versions.


      I would appreciate it if someone could take a look at this issue and fix it for future driver releases.  The driver makes the card unusable with this software, which is one of the primary reasons I chose this card, for the multiple monitor support.  I would imagine you are going to have some grumpy customers, who are less technical with their systems, having the same problem when windows automatically installs this driver when they upgrade.


      Note the circa 2008 Nvidia GT 9800 card I just replaced has working windows 10 drivers that does not suffer from this issue, so I know that Mixvibes is not the cause of the issue..



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          Sorry to bump this but...anyone have any suggestions?


          On top of it all, the catalyst drivers have some auto update feature that there appears to be no way to disable so every couple of days the thing checks and downloads the new windows 10 drivers, and I'm back to square one with crashing software again.  HOW DO I TURN THIS AUTO UPDATE GARBAGE OFF?!  I do not want it to install the windows 10 drivers, they do not work with my software.


          AMD PLEASE RESPOND OR THIS WILL BE LAST ATI / AMD PRODUCT I EVER PURCHASE!.  I only bought this card three weeks ago, I may be talking to the retailer and return it as a defective product (as you seem to be unable to respond to this problem).  If this happens the replacement will be an NVIDIA, and I will never look at another new AMD product again.


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            After about 4 hours of troubleshooting I have concluded that the problem was the release version 15.7.1. 

            Once uninstalling the 15.7.1 and installing the beta 15.8 drivers, the issue with MixVibes is now resolved.  Tested in both windows 10 and windows 7.


            AMD really REALLY needs to get these drivers out of beta and into wide release, it will most likely fix many people's issues.  It doesn't help that windows 10 keeps putting in the buggy 15.7.1 drivers all by itself.


            This would have saved me hours of frustration.

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              I am having the same issue. I've tried the beta drivers and had more frequent BSODs. I am now back to 15.7.1 for nearly 24 hours without a BSOD so far.