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ubuntu 12.04.5 flgrx drivers and installation

Question asked by crazybear on Aug 29, 2015

HELP! Some year ago I had this problem and when 12.04 was upraded to 12.04.5 the new stack caused the flgrx drivers to not load. I fought for months and finally got them installed. I tried so many things, I don't remember what worked and what didn't well. Anyway, for some many months it was working fine. About two months ago it stopped working due to I don't know what - perhaps some 12.04.5 upgrade of some sort. Now, I've tried everything again. I can't even find an AMD driver that lists 12.04.5 as supported. Anyone please who can lead me to a driver and a means of installation. I have a multihead [3] system and use an MSI Radeon RD 7970. Thanks in advance.