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    Are there \updated drivers for Radeon X1650?


      Are there window 10 drivers for Radeon X1650 64 bit?

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          FAQ: Windows 10 Driver and AMD Graphics Product Compatibility


          If your graphics adapter is based on an AMD Radeon™ HD 4000 Series or older, you may consider these options:


          1. Continue using the existing operating system.
          2. If you have already upgraded to Windows® 10 and would like to revert back to the previous version of Windows, refer to this Microsoft page for instructions.
          3. Upgrade to an AMD graphics product that provides Windows® 10 support. For information about resellers and product availability, visit: http://shop.amd.com
            NOTE: Before upgrading ensure that your system meets the requirements of the graphics adapter, such as:
            • Motherboard with compatible graphics card slot
            • Adequate power supply unit to handle the complete system power requirements
            • Display with compatible connections