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How to switch audio devices?

Question asked by zippo on Aug 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by kengaru

I use one HDMI and one Display Port (with a DP to HDMI cable) to connect my graphic card (HD 6950) to a TV and an AV Receiver. If both devices are connected, the HDMI Audio Driver (newest version) seems to select the HDMI port for audio playback and I figured out no solution in Windows 10 to switch the audio output to the device connected with the Display port. If I tell the Catalyst driver to use only the device connected with Display Port, AMD HDMI Output says "not connected" and a red sign is shown beside the speaker symbol in taskbar.


I can rule out issues relating the TV and the AV-Receiver as both of them work if I switch cables.

If only the DP to HDMI cable is plugged in I also get sound with the DP-Port. If I hot-plug the HDMI cable the exact same problem occurs with the device connected to the HDMI port and I found out no solution to play the audio over HDMI.


HDMI and DP connected:                                      Audioplayback works only with HDMI

only DP connected:                                               Audioplayback works with DP

only HDMI connected:                                           Audioplayback works with HDMI

startup Windows with DP, hotplug HDMI then:      Audiplayback works only with DP


In Catalyst there's no option to select audio devices. I already completely deleted and reinstalled the catalyst driver. I also tried the separate Realtek HDMI Drivers. Video playback works as it should in every setting.