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    How to switch audio devices?


      I use one HDMI and one Display Port (with a DP to HDMI cable) to connect my graphic card (HD 6950) to a TV and an AV Receiver. If both devices are connected, the HDMI Audio Driver (newest version) seems to select the HDMI port for audio playback and I figured out no solution in Windows 10 to switch the audio output to the device connected with the Display port. If I tell the Catalyst driver to use only the device connected with Display Port, AMD HDMI Output says "not connected" and a red sign is shown beside the speaker symbol in taskbar.


      I can rule out issues relating the TV and the AV-Receiver as both of them work if I switch cables.

      If only the DP to HDMI cable is plugged in I also get sound with the DP-Port. If I hot-plug the HDMI cable the exact same problem occurs with the device connected to the HDMI port and I found out no solution to play the audio over HDMI.


      HDMI and DP connected:                                      Audioplayback works only with HDMI

      only DP connected:                                               Audioplayback works with DP

      only HDMI connected:                                           Audioplayback works with HDMI

      startup Windows with DP, hotplug HDMI then:      Audiplayback works only with DP


      In Catalyst there's no option to select audio devices. I already completely deleted and reinstalled the catalyst driver. I also tried the separate Realtek HDMI Drivers. Video playback works as it should in every setting.

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          Have the same issue with Radeon HD 6850 and 15.10 beta. Got the same problem with earlier drivers.


          Have strictly the same behavior in different combinations of my connected DP and HDMI devices.


          If HDMI connected boottime - audio is always driven to it until reboot (and, then, if HDMI is disconnected then, it will be on Display Port), but I need it go to Display Port even if HDMI is connected without disconnecting HDMI every boottime!


          Seems that it's the well-known problem - look at reddit thread https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/2hl6it/problem_with_video_card_choosing_wrong_monitor_as/ 
          Also here:   The specified item was not found.


          The problem source is either card BIOS logic determining to activate audio on HDMI preferred, or AMD Catalyst drivers logic, determining HDMI audio preferred during boottime.



          So, need to BIOS logic be changed or AMD Catalyst drivers should got feature of software audio driver switching or preferred driver setup between Display Port and HDMI interfaces.


          How could this be done?