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Games freeze with crossfire enabled.

Question asked by fragg on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2015 by fragg

Hi there.


Well some games freeze the pc when crossfire is enabled theres a buzzing sound too and only pressing the power button will do anything.


I bought this pc from alienware 1 year ago


Now someone living with me bought the exact same one at the same time and the issue started at the same time for him too.


I tried everything rolling back the system clean install everything.


Graphiccards are 2 amd r9 270.


The issue started rougly 8 months after getting the pc After a driver update.


If its really a driver how can we update without this annoying error?


Not all games cras with crossfire though and those that do choose completly random times when it happens. Sometimes it doesnt at all.


Crossfire disabled fixes that.