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AMD HDMI Output stopped working after driver update

Question asked by mikevv on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by mikevv

I recently updated my ATI Driver to it's latest version. Since i've updated it, the AMD HDMI Output device doesn't play audio anymore. Video output works fine, though.


When i select "AMD HDMI Output" in my Audio settings and select it as my default device, audio continuees playing through my regular audio device.


Since this happened i tried the following:

  1. Formatted my computer (since it was needed anyway) and reinstalled Windows 7
  2. Reinstalled the driver
  3. Tried different HDMI cables
  4. Tried different televisions, where the HDMI cable is hooked up.


Still the problem persist...


I think i would have to blame the driver. Because it's the only thing that changed, since it stopped working. When i check my Device Manager the device all shows up correctly.

Also Catalyst control panel doesn't show an "Audio" option, even though i see it present in some screenshots i found on the internet.


Does someone know what to to? Maybe downgrade my driver, even though it will give me less compatilibity with the latest games...

BTW, I see myself as a high expertise on software and hardware computer related problems. I tried everything i could (except downgrading drivers). What do you guys recommend?



Schermafdruk 2015-08-28 16.22.23.png

Image explanation: here i selected "AMD HDMI Ouput" als my output device, even though... Sound keeps playing through "Speakers / Bose USB Audio".


Thanks in advance.