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Double VRAM usage in crossfire?

Question asked by schneel on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by Thanny

I have a problem with my Crossfire setup, two Radeon Fury X cards.
I noticed the problem when playing GTA V. It usually crashes when the I'm loading in to a game session, and when it does Windows tells me I'm running out of memory.
This does not happen when I disable crossfire, and I'm using the same graphic settings both with crossfire on and off.

So I used MSI afterburner to look at the memory usage and it does seem that VRAM usage doubles when I have crossfire enabled.

The VRAM usage goes up very quickly and as soon as it hits abit over 4GB the game crashes.

When I play with crossfire disabled the VRAM usage is about 3.5GB max and the game runs smooth.

Adding a page file fixes the crashing but the VRAM usage stays the same.


I ran some test with game on low settings and took some screenshots of the graphs from MSI afterburner that I attached to this post.



Why is this? The VRAM usage should be same with and without crossfire I'm guessing?

And yes I know a page file fixes the crashing but I still feel something is wrong, and might need a fix.

I also don't see any noticable FPS increase from Crossfire, it stays around 100fps with or without Crossfire.


Any answer and help is welcomed, I can also do more testing if necessary.

And sorry about the long post.





PC Specs:

Intel 3770K

2 x FuryX


Crossfire Enabled, No Page File, Low Settings. Game crashed when it hit 4668MB VRAM usage.


Crossfire Disabled, No Page File, Low Settings. Game did not crash. VRAM max 2798MB.


Crossfire Enabled, Page File, Low Settings. Game did not crash. VRAM max 5697MB.


Crossfire Disabled, Page File, Low Settings. Game did not crash. VRAM max 2884MB.


The message I get from Windows when the game crashes.