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AMD Radeon HD 5450 + Windows 10 Pro 64bit + DirectX11.2 but apps do not render properly. Why?

Question asked by jer-sha on Aug 28, 2015

problem behind:  Windows 10 new apps like Edge and others do not work properly with this Windows 10 Pro N: Clicking on edge symbol in task bar the app pops up, but only the window/frame without any content being rendered (no Menu, no bars, ..) and then closes after 2 seconds silently.


I searched for reasons and found out that after migration from Windows 7 Ultimate N 64bit to Windows 10 Pro N 64bit Microsoft installed DirectX 11.2

I installed latest drivers for Radeon HD 5450 which should work with Win 10 64bit and for DirectX11.2 and fully support Windows 10 64bit but lacking some new features of DirectX12..

..but general metro style app rendering must not be a special DirectX12 feature?


Any idea what could be the reason for my app-renedring problems? Even startmenu left click does not show anything (no menu), but right-click shows a context menu with programs, systems, ..