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    Can AMD take 14.12 and make it a beta driver for R9 390/390x cards?


      Can AMD take 14.12 and make it a beta driver for R9 390/390x cards? For example take the 14.12 catalyst and allow it to install on systems with R9 300 cards. In theory this should clear up a lot of the issues with dx11 and hardware acceleration conflicts.


      It has been 2 months since the R9 300 series launched and no hotfix or beta driver to address the issues with the dx11 games crashing. I can speak from my own experience that as a twitch streamer I have not been able to use the 390x at all reliably due to these issues with dx11 games (specifically FFXIV) crashing. A little background on FFXIV. The DX11 client launched right around the time the 300 series launched. When I had early access to the dx11 client I was running it on 14.12 with PowerColor PCS+ R9 290x and it ran without any issues. Since upgrading to MSI R9 390x with 15.15, 15.7, 15.7.1 the dx11 games crash. Over the course of the past 2 months I've had to revert to using the R9 290x and purchase the GTX 970 which originally wouldn't have even been considered assuming the R9 390x worked properly.


      There needs to be a hotfix, beta, or simply roll 14.12 as beta 15.9 to be installed on the R9 390x in order to fix a lot of these stability issues. Though, since the 290x doesn't have any of these issues with 15.7 I'm not even sure 14.12 on the 390x will fix it.


      This issue with the R9 390x is interesting because it is the root cause for my first Nvidia purchase. AMD needs to get the driver issue on 300 series under control asap otherwise this same scenario will occur causing nvidia marketshare to increase even more than it already has.


      My gpu history is x850 XT -> 5770 -> 7850 -> 7970 -> r9 290x -> r9 390x -> gtx 970   (the r9 390x and 15.x driver issues on dx11 broke the Radeon combo)


      I am currently considering the R9 Fury from Sapphire to see if these driver issues also affect the Fiji line.