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why are my games running with lower frames after Windows 10 update?

Question asked by heironymus on Aug 28, 2015

I recently updated my drivers and around the same time I got an update for Windows 10. Before both of these updates I was able to play most of my games at a steady 60 fps or higher, depending on the game. The most notable was when I would play Diablo 3 at max settings I was able to get about 130-140 fps, after the updates I get around 20-30 fps with the same settings. My specs include an R9 380 2GB, 8GB of RAM at 1600Mhz, and i5 4590. So what I need help with is what can I do to not have these issues or should I just wait until either AMD or Windows 10 update to fix the issue? I have found the option to set max fps in the CCC, but that did not help the problem. any help would be greatly appreciated!