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15.7.1 Drivers and a lot of broken features in Windows 8.1

Question asked by afjara on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by rplaya02119

AMD Driver Developers do some quality testing before launching new drivers? I think they don't...


I spent two days at night figuring how I started experiencing a lot of problems: MP4 and WMV videos not playing, green screen on Firefox while playing videos with Flash Player. Internet Explorer also not working with Flash (black screen) and crashing with HTML5.


I wondered if it was related to a codec malfunctioning or something related to recently released Windows Updates... tried a lot of things: reinstalling codecs, adjusting flash player settings, disabling hardware acceleration, looking for settings in about:config, running ccleaner, reading every recent Windows update description... until I reached this thread:


Reverting from 15.7 to 14.12 was the solution.


God, please... take your time before launching the first thing you think is Windows 10 Ready...




A8-3870 APU

Windows 8.1-64 bit