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Pixelated Sprites Glitch

Question asked by racaoma on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by racaoma

Since a few day ago some games started to glitch (so far Path of Exile & Crusaders Kings II). After 20-60 minutes inside the game some sprites glitch and appear as a series of random pixels. As more time passes more sprites glitch, up to some point that nothing is visible anymore.


I have an AMD Radeon 7700M on my notebook.  I can confirm this is due to the AMD GPU since when I play these games with the integrated video card this bug don't happen (but the performance is sh***).

Here are some screenshots I took of the issue:


Here an orb glitched in my inventory



A whole series of scroll glitched



The UI in the right glitched



I only took a few to show the issue. It gets MUCH worse after some time. Any idea how to fix this?