AMD, dont ignore old games please

Discussion created by marodeur on Aug 28, 2015



I play games like Witcher 3 or Star Citizen (*caugh* performance?*caugh*) but sometimes i want to play old games. So there was a new patch for Knights of the Old Republic 2 to play it in 4k and so i played it again.


But sometimes, to play old games, i have to use a second PC with a NVidia Geforce Card because AMD doesnt support this games anymore and i cant play it.


I loved to play Jedi Knight for but since driver ~13.2 i cant play this on ATI/AMD Cards anymore. With older drivers it was ok but that doesnt help with a new GPU.


AMD/ATi Modern GPU Win7 64 bit Fix - Steam Users' Forums


My primary PC has a 290x 8G and for next year i plan an update, primary reason is Star Citizen. My second PC is gone until then thanks to steam link (hope it will work fine). So what do you think i will buy if i have to choose and want to play all games in my list?


So please AMD, dont ignore older games and if there appear problems solve them please.