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Samsung TV pink after boot - HDMI Handshaking issue

Question asked by mase87 on Aug 28, 2015
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Hi all,


I'm having a very annoying issue with my setup. Samsung TV UE48H6470 and a PC with an AMD R280X graphics card. When turning on the TV with PC as input source, the colors are pink / magenta on black and greenish when supposed to be white. Switching signal input on the TV back and forth triggers a HDMI handshake and everything it fine aftgerwards but thats so damn annoying!!!


Tried three cables, different HDMI inputs on TV, still the same. It only happens inside Windows. During BIOS all is fine, so it must be somehow driver related.


Samsung support was no help, they said it must be the source (PC). How to solve? Is there an option for AMD graphics to send the video in a specific format that the TV expects without HDMI handshaking?


I've tried nearly every option in the Catalyst Control Center: color depth, ITC checkbox, differnt 1080p modes (interlacing, different resfresh rates). Only when setting either in Windows are changed or I toggle the signal source on the TV the colors are fine afterwards.


Kind regards