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HDMI on my TV does not work with my two destops but works with my notebook

Question asked by inkub on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by inkub

I have two desktops.

One of them (Windows 7, AMD Radeon) used to work with my SONY TV using DVI to HDMI cable (10m long). Few months ago it jsut stopped recognizing that there is TV attached so I was unable to run multiple displays (main Dislpay is 24" HP Monitor using DVI-DVI cable). I assumed it is something wrong with the cable as TV HDMI port worked fine with my notebook (using Diplay port to DVI convertor + DVI-DVI cable).

Just recently I reisntalled my second desktop PC (again Win 7) and decided to connect the same TV to its AMD Radeon using DVI - DVI cable and relized it doesnt work as well. Tried 2 diferend cables (both high quality, in fact same cables which are working with the notebook).

I am runing the latest Catalyst drivers downloaded from AMD suport site.

I can get the exact models but both fideo cards are not older than 3 years.

Another interesting thing is that when I connect the HDMI cable the TV shows an icon next to the port name indicating that there is signal. But when you switch to that HDMI port the TV doesnt recognize any signal. As mentioned PCs in my opinion are not even trying to send picture to the TV as they do not recognize that additional monitor is connected.

In summary I cant get any of my dektops using the HDMI input on my TV while it works jsut fine with notebooks (I tried two notebooks already).

I suspect this might be a probelm with TV grouding. I dont believe there is issue with both PCs.

I want to be 100% sure that the issue is not in the PCs before I get the TV to the Service.


Is there something I can try and do to analyze and resolve this issue? I have terible feeling that I will get my 55" LED TV to the service center and they will tell me that the HDMI works just fine.