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HP Pavilion 15-p048nl - AMD A10-5745m - AMD Radeon 8610G + R7M260 problems

Question asked by valekcra on Aug 27, 2015

I'm the owner of a HP Pavilion 15-p048nl with AMD A10-5745m and a combination of AMD Radeon 8610G + R7M260 2 Gbytes


I randomly have loading freezes, in particular when i reboot my laptop or it suddendly became really slow.


I've upgraded drivers, cleaned registry entries, tried clean install of everything i could find on AMD website but nothing...the issue is always here and i waited a lot for Windows 10, hoping for a resolution of this annoying problem. So 2 day ago I've upgraded to Windows 10 and this is the beginning of another nightmare:

1) my CPU FAN was reeeallyyy hard working and CPU temp was so high I tought my CPU was melting

2) I've tried to install the 15.7.1 Catalyst drivers but nothing happened an, launching che Catalyst Control Center, it said I've got no valid adapter


I had to return back to Windows 8.1 but, sadly, the behaviour of my CPU is still strange, unstable and really hot...installing the 15.7.1 drivers for Windows 8.1 resolved the graphic card issue.


There's a way for making my CPU / GPU working with Windows 10 or even with Windows 8.1 but without random freezes or loading crashes or whatsoever????

I'm so sad to say I'll never buy an AMD platform again if i cannot use my hardware in a proper way.