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9590 feezing

Question asked by djvaskog on Aug 27, 2015

Hello i heave FX 9590 with Asus M5A99FX pro r2.0. I bought this part 1 year ago.I was problems when play games.My PC freez and i try many different solutions.I last i try to disable Turbo Core in bios settings and my PC works fine 8 mounths (i was playing Arche Age and League of Legends).After few days i bought Guild Wars 2 and the problems start again.My freez when i play game after 10minets to 2 hours.I restart the PC and try to play again and same.After several hours my PC start to freez under windows and even bios.Do you heave any solutions. Temperature never past 60 degrees C.I check my HDD,Video,Ram and Power supply and all works perfect becouse i heave onother parts and change them.Please if you heave any solutions- help me . Sorry for my bad english.