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how to optimize my hp m6 n113dx amd fx 7500 radeon r7 for GAMING!!! I cant open ANY games on my laptop without lagging!!! HELP!!!

Question asked by ryoticoalu on Aug 27, 2015

hey i just bought a laptop with amd fx 7500 radeon r7 in exchange for my intel i5 one, i was convinced about amd is better than my i5 back then, so i bought it, but as soon as i got home, it cant even run ANY games on my laptop without LAGGING or STUTTERING!!! i had updated my graphics driver provided from and also did a BIOS update, but it only affects VERY LITTLE in LAGGING or STUTTERING, SO TELL ME IF I HAD WASTED MY MONEY FOR THE AMD OR AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE FOR THE LAGGING OR STUTTERING PLEASE HELP, I NEED THIS LAPTOP TO WORK SMOOTHLY FOR GAMING PURPOSES, o yeah and my i5 runs SMOOTHLY ON EVERY GAME I HAVE IN MY EXTERNAL HARD DISK, I thought AMD processors supposed to work better with pc games these days, because mostly PC games now often comes out first on CONSOLE PORT, and i knows that XBOX and PS4 use AMD for its processor, SO TELL ME HOW TO OPTIMIZED MINE PLS