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    Fury X crashing


      Hello guys,


      Yesterday I got a Sapphire Fury X to replace my long runner Nvidia. Nothing but troubles since last night.


      I uninstalled all Nvidia related with DDU under safe mode (Win 7 64bit). Installed Catalyst 15.7.1 and run Witcher for app 10 min, all good. Then Metro 2033 and Last light Redux. After some like 5 min these crash/lock the system and force reset. I use MSI Afterburner, no O/C on anything. Temps perfectly stable while in game (45-48C). Then Heaven Benchmark cannot even start, crashes black screen and hard reset needed. Furmark - same crash, cannot start.


      After several DDU/Driver installs I noticed, that if I start Metro, and before it crashes I go to Video options and change SSAO or tessalation settings it immediately crashes. Witcher also seems to crash, but no blackscreen, just desktop after some 10-15 min.


      Anyway, I tried reseting BIOS to defaults. Installing Catalyst 15.7 is the same story. Almost seems like it is O/C'ed too high, but AB reports core 1050 and mem 500, at stock while running game.7

      Most disturbing for me is that starting Furmark/Heaven benchmark leads to immediate crash, blackscreen, hard reset


      No problems running video/twitch/youtube or browsing - perfectly stable.


      Also no problems with the system for 2 years and old Nvidia


      Any advises appreciated



      Asus ROG Maxinus V Extreme s1155

      Intel I7 3770k (stock speed)

      Win 7 64bit - installed on separate SSD

      16BG Gskill DDR3 @2667 Mhz

      PSU: SeaSonic 1200W platinium

      Using the display port of the Fury

      27" Dell 1440p monitor

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          Do yourself a favor and install a fresh copy of Windows 7. It will help so much and eliminate all the problems you are having. Even moving from AMD to AMD i always reformat let alone Nvidia to AMD.

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            I'd contact Sapphire and RMA the card.  There's no problem having nVidia drivers and AMD drivers on the same system.  The two don't interfere in any way.


            I'm using a Sapphire Fury X with 15.7.1 and a pair of 2560x1600 screens, and have no such problems.  I also have nVidia drivers installed and active, as I do hybrid PhysX with a GT 640 card.

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              OK, an update!


              I got the card back under warranty with diagnose it is fully working. So I was left with limited options. Reinstalled Windows and the same story. Updated MB to the latest BIOS and no change. Since I have Dell U2713HM, and the card has only DP and HDMI, I was using the DP to get the maximum resolution (1440p). Now I do not remember why, but at one point I switched from the Display port to HDMI and voila ... no more issues. Stunned at 00:00 in the evening I dug into the issue in display forums and found out the DP cable may be the culprit. I bought this cable cheap @ 10 EUR just a day before the card. The problem seemed to be pin 20 on the cable itself is maintaining constant voltage between the card and the monitor, where there should not be. It may lead to malfunction of the either device. The issue was supposed to be resolved with a good brand cable.


              Since there was no way I can get replacement cable at that time of the day, I looked at some discussion where guys have bended pin 20 on the DP cable on the one side (monitor or card) and it cured the problems. I wanted to eventualy return the cable, so I just put a small stripe of duct tape (1mm width, 10mm length) over pin 20 in the cable on the monitor side and ... it worked like a charm .


              Followed this guy's pics:



              Anyway, if any of you guys are having similar problems, include but not limited to:

              1) Cold boot of the computer spins the fans of the card on max and no display. You have to uplug/plug the cable and reset to work;

              2) Can wake up from sleep under Windows;

              3) Immediate loss of display, or black screen after executing 3d application, or in a few minutes after;


              and potentially more ... make sure it is not your DP cable, by switching to another cable if possible.