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Fury X crashing

Question asked by mirkata on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by mirkata

Hello guys,


Yesterday I got a Sapphire Fury X to replace my long runner Nvidia. Nothing but troubles since last night.


I uninstalled all Nvidia related with DDU under safe mode (Win 7 64bit). Installed Catalyst 15.7.1 and run Witcher for app 10 min, all good. Then Metro 2033 and Last light Redux. After some like 5 min these crash/lock the system and force reset. I use MSI Afterburner, no O/C on anything. Temps perfectly stable while in game (45-48C). Then Heaven Benchmark cannot even start, crashes black screen and hard reset needed. Furmark - same crash, cannot start.


After several DDU/Driver installs I noticed, that if I start Metro, and before it crashes I go to Video options and change SSAO or tessalation settings it immediately crashes. Witcher also seems to crash, but no blackscreen, just desktop after some 10-15 min.


Anyway, I tried reseting BIOS to defaults. Installing Catalyst 15.7 is the same story. Almost seems like it is O/C'ed too high, but AB reports core 1050 and mem 500, at stock while running game.7

Most disturbing for me is that starting Furmark/Heaven benchmark leads to immediate crash, blackscreen, hard reset


No problems running video/twitch/youtube or browsing - perfectly stable.


Also no problems with the system for 2 years and old Nvidia


Any advises appreciated



Asus ROG Maxinus V Extreme s1155

Intel I7 3770k (stock speed)

Win 7 64bit - installed on separate SSD

16BG Gskill DDR3 @2667 Mhz

PSU: SeaSonic 1200W platinium

Using the display port of the Fury

27" Dell 1440p monitor