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BF4 crashes Mantle:GR_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST or in DX11: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG due to loosing Fullscreen Ownership

Question asked by derekz10 on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2015 by derekz10

This has been a problem since the release of BF4 but typically I would get the error as a result of overclocking to high.  Very recently the issue has gotten so severe that I can't play a game for 15-30 minutes before crashing, even using stock clocks.  Google has come up with this question but no answers to this issue.  I believe I've found a cause to the crash and I'd like it to be fixed.


In DX11 the error reads:

"GetDeviceRemovedReason" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG

With Mantle the error is shown as:

Mantle function "grWsiWinReleaseFullscreenOwnership(displayHandle)" failed with GR_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST. GPU:


Looking at the event viewer I see these events as the time of the crash:

  1. A request to disable the Desktop Window Manager was made by process (4)
    • Event ID: 9010
    • Level: Information
    • Logged: 8/26/2015 8:48:12 PM

2. The Desktop Window Manager was unable to start because composition was disabled by a running application

    • Event ID: 9013
    • Level: Information
    • Logged: 8/26/2015 8:48:12 PM

3. Windows Error Reporting - A problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.

    • Event ID: 1001
    • Level: Information
    • Logged: 8/26/2015 8:48:15 PM
    • Fault bucket , type 0
    • Event Name: LiveKernelEvent


So basically what I'm pretty sure is happening is that the Desktop Window Manager tries to steal the focus from the game with that annoying popup saying:

Do you want to change the color scheme to improve performance?

The issue is that popup.   And I'm not certain, but my Reliability log suggests it has something to do with Microsoft Update's installed on the 12th.  All the errors below are BF4 and GWXUX.exe. On the 12th  Windows installed literally hundreds of updates.  GWXUX.exe is that "Get Windows 10" dialog. 


Reliability log:


Thinking back, I've never seen that popup before while playing BF4.  It has always just crashed.  While playing Witcher it did come up often.  Something changed recently with the latest AMD Driver version, Windows Update, or BF4 that has made that popup much more prone to show and crash BF4. I'm not sure if this is a bug I should be posting to AMD, Microsoft, or to the BF4 devs.