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    AMD - No more adobe premiere pro...


      Hello AMD and community.


      I was really liking my Radeon R9 200 Series, it worked for the games i play and along with my other hardware made my video editing software run great. But then...(dum dum duuuum) AMD released a new update, this has happened before and it was fine... however, this time...everything got real bad.. I opened up the catalyst control center and it looked great.. until i closed it...then the screen went black and then it came back to life, a pop up windows message told me that Graphics drivers had stopped working and was restarted..i had never seen this error before but, thought to myself that i might not use the control center anyways.. I then proceeded to load up adobe premiere pro..(i was going to work on some awesome special effects for my holiday videos) and oh my oh, did my expensive piece of software fail more than a drunk guy on a trampoline.. Every time i try to play my movie clip in the preview window..it fails.. and the drivers again stop working..


      The computer i spend my hard earned cash on..is now as useful as a commodore 64..well not exactly.. i can still watch por... movies...movies play just fine..


      I have tried reinstalling almost everything, programs, drivers, games ect. nothing works....



      If anyone has a fix for this, please share it...

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          When posting a thread about a particular issue you are experiencing it is very helpful if you provide as much information as possible.  Please use the template below, and be as detailed as you can.  It will enable your fellow forum members to provide more accurate and helpful suggestions.



          NOTE! Please do not copy/paste DirectX Diagnostic Reports into your post.





          Laptop Computers

          - Manufacturer

          - Exact Model (ex: not HP Pavillion)

          - Operating System (Is this the original OS?)

          - Graphics chip

          - AMD Catalyst driver version

          - Switchable graphics? (AMD+AMD or AMD+Intel)

          - Checked for bios update from manufacturer?

          - Installed relevant 'optional' and 'recommended' Windows Updates?

          - When did issue first appear

          - Steps you have taken to reslove the issue




          Desktop computers


          Graphics Card

          - include the specific brand & model (ex: ASUS Radeon HD7970-DC2-3GD5)

          - if any over-clocking is being done then provide GPU & memory clocks, and the application used to over-clock



          AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History

          - include driver version currently used, and version(s) tested previously



          Operating System

          - 32-bit/64-bit; Service Pack, etc..

          - include details about additional operating systems also tested



          Issue Details

          - include specifics on symptoms, and steps to reproduce the issue

          - describe in detail the issue experienced

          - for 3D Games, please include details of your in-game graphics settings (ex: Anti-Aliasing, VSync, etc..)





          Motherboard or System Make & Model

          - include the specific brand & model (ex: DELL XPS 8500, or ASUS M4A88TD-V)

          - Checked for bios update?



          Power Supply

          - include specific brand & model with output wattage

          - a link to the manufacturer’s product page with specifications, or a picture of the unit’s label is helpful



          Display Device(s) and Connection(s) Used

          - include specific brand & model (ex:  DELL U2411)

          - include specifics about any cables, adapters, splitters, hubs, used



          Applications and Games

          - list out all applications and games where the issue is occurring

          - include details about version or patch numbers



          CPU Details

          - include model, speed, number of cores (ex: AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Ed.)

          - if any over-clocking is being done provide details about it (ex: multiplier, voltages, clock speeds, and the application used to over-clock)



          Motherboard BIOS Version

          - the BIOS version is displayed as soon as your system is powered on (ex: ASUS BIOS 1015)



          System Memory Type & Amount

          - include specific brand & model



          Additional Hardware

          - include specifics about the harddrive(s) used (ex: SSD boot drive), # of case fans, optical drives installed, or any additional PCI, or PCIe devices installed



          Additional Details

          - include information about any system checks that have already been done to ensure the system is clean of viruses, spyware, etc..

          - include information about any checks that have already been done to ensure hardware is not faulty. (ex: hardware swaps, Prime95 for CPU testing, Memtest86 for memory testing)