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AMD - No more adobe premiere pro...

Question asked by jonesm on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by kphillisjr

Hello AMD and community.


I was really liking my Radeon R9 200 Series, it worked for the games i play and along with my other hardware made my video editing software run great. But then...(dum dum duuuum) AMD released a new update, this has happened before and it was fine... however, this time...everything got real bad.. I opened up the catalyst control center and it looked great.. until i closed it...then the screen went black and then it came back to life, a pop up windows message told me that Graphics drivers had stopped working and was restarted..i had never seen this error before but, thought to myself that i might not use the control center anyways.. I then proceeded to load up adobe premiere pro..(i was going to work on some awesome special effects for my holiday videos) and oh my oh, did my expensive piece of software fail more than a drunk guy on a trampoline.. Every time i try to play my movie clip in the preview fails.. and the drivers again stop working..


The computer i spend my hard earned cash now as useful as a commodore 64..well not exactly.. i can still watch por... movies...movies play just fine..


I have tried reinstalling almost everything, programs, drivers, games ect. nothing works....



If anyone has a fix for this, please share it...