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    diablo 3 freeze


      Diablo 3 freezes on certain maps. People have already posted about this on Blizzard forums, and possibly here as well. Is there a fix available soon ? Have a HD 6900 card on Alienware Aurora3.


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          Blizzard support adviced us to use version 13.12 instead of the lastest available. Where can I find it on AMD.com ? I could only find the lastest version...

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            I Recently switched to Windows 10 and for the life of me I can't rollback to a previous version of this. The freezing is happening at Desolate Wasteland. Act II In Diablo III.

            I have read that Blizzard will/has contacted AMD, and will/has been working on a quick-fix I hope this is true or I may just have to go out and buy a New Graphics card. And you can bet if that's the case it won't be another AMD, to avoid further conflict.

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              I reverted back to Win 7 and guess what, i had the same issue when going to desolate sands. What i then did was completely install versio 15.x version of AMD catalyst and download / the previous Version 13.x.

              It worked !!


              Since windows 10 is available for free for a year, plan to visit Windows 10 again after 6 months, when "hopefully" all drivers get upto date