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Can't enable Mantle in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Question asked by imrazor on Aug 25, 2015

I recently re-installed Dragon Age: Inquisition to pick up where I left off. Problem is, I can't seem to enable Mantle any more. Previously (maybe 6 months ago) I was able to load DA:I with Mantle turned on, but the graphics menu in the game simply says that DirectX 11 is the only available API. Specs:


Intel i5-2520m

AMD FirePro M6100 (identified as Radeon HD 8950 in device manager)

8GB DDR3-1333

Windows 8.1 Pro


Using drivers dated 5/15/15 from - the most recent available for the Dell Precision M6600/M6100 combo. The drivers on are ancient, and for Windows 8, not 8.1.


Yes, I know it's a workstation GPU, not a "gaming" GPU, but it ran Mantle fine 6 months ago. Is this because Mantle is on the scrap heap?