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tv wonder 650 pci

Question asked by marksinister on Aug 25, 2015

I owned this TV card since Windows Vista x64. When I upgraded to that OS from Windows XP I had to get rid of my last (non Brand) TV card because there wasn't any drivers for Vista for it so I oped for the ATI TV Card because I figured they would keep up the driver support for new versions of Windows when it's is released. When Windows 7 came out I was able to upgrade without any driver issues, but when Windows 8 came out no drivers were made so I decided to stay with windows 7 because I paid $100 for this HD card where as before I paid only $50 for the non brand ones. I guess the point I'm trying to make is will I have to upgrade my TV card because ATI only supports them for 2 OS then make you buy a new one every other upgrade?


Will there be any drivers for Windows 10 made for this TV card or do I just have to take my business elsewhere and buy another cheap brand card because the support suck either way?


It's really messed up that when you upgrade to a new OS perfectly good devices has to be thrown out because it no longer works with the new OS.