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    Needing help after windows 10 upgrade on X-Series Laptop.


      Auto Detect.png

      The information in this picture is correct and is the actual hardware installed on this system.


      Model ASUS-X Series X550


      Catalyst ships with this model, this would be the proper update for this laptop.


      Question for those of us that have to still rely on Windows 10 Update drivers, at least i think i still do....


      AutoDetect shows my correct hardware but installs the R5 M230 GPU driver over my R7 265dx.


      Is this correct , am i supposed to use a R5 driver now, i looked at the APU-GPU match ups and R5 M230 is in first coloum for 7400P-APU but second coloum list for DGPU still lists that 265dx should still be the match for the 7400P-APU.



      Second Question, is it a good idea to just install 15.7 Cataylst-ControlCenter only, and use the new Control-Center with the now working WindowsUpdate-10 drivers? Must say, the new wind wupdate drivers work awesome, but without the Control-Center i know i won't have any fuctionions OR any of the improvments that have been pushed into 15.7.




      After installing catalyst and without going into the problems i have had out-of-the box, brand new X-series laptop, 1 week old,


      I also downloaded the APU Chipset drivers and everything matched perfectly except the dedicated gpu being listed as R5 M230, which i believe is not the DX hydrid-crossfire switchable graphics driver.


      Any help would be great.

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          Update after some serious testing with 3D-applications and double checking everything,

          (Note-I used DDU only for uninstalling the forced window driver update.)


          Let me say fist i believe the 15.7 driver for mobil hybrid-crossfire is the correct driver, at least it works from what ive tested.


          Games used for testing

          Offline -Civilization 5 -about as intensive at max settings i'll take it without trying Supream Commander2

          Online -World of Tanks Max settings + Rapture optimal settiings. I tired both configurations out , 20-30FPS MAX solid 60fps for optimal with room to tweak.


          Did not over-clock. Straight running default clock speeds.


          First Test - Windows 07/2015 driver set No catalyst.


          Normal operation, no switchable control's . Disabled each driver one at a time, to see if each VGA was working, confirmed.


          Second Test- Build catalyst OEM driver suite package piece by piece,

          Installed OEM,missing drivers that were allowed, Only. Used Windows forced update driver set . Still no Catalyst or ACP . Had to wait.


          Tested and works using that setupOnly, nothing from 15.7 was used, yet.


          Third Test- Did not use any uninstall tools. Manuly disconnected WiFi / no internet, uninstalled the dedicated R7 265dx + deleted the software Then disabled only the R6/APU leaving 1 vga driver in case something went wrong.Disabled R6 again after reboot and check to make sure R7-265dx was permently uninstalled.


          Installed the full package 15.7 + 15.7 chipset driver suites and now have battery functions,power play, ect options that were missing from 15.7 catalyst, Yes i did install 15.7 catalyst only at one point during this to see options, info but was not done during these intensive tests. Postings pics of the info i believe to now be correct and why i found this to be the right driver, im also not going into the info i found out about R7's for desktops using APU's in crossfire are incompatiable, supposdly they are...



          Picture from GPU-Z



          However the link LookUp for the R5 m230 took me to a unreleased R5 465, this does show Crossfire is enabled. I just know everyone would like to know how did i know, enabling/disabling using Catalyst showed Disabled in both utilites when disabled, Shows Enabled in both utilites when enabled. In the above picture it shows Enabled x2 CrossFire, people can call it Hybrid all they want and think its a laptop definition, its not, its CrossFireX technology and is now used in many Desktop setups alongside Saphire.


          Specter however I think is laptop specific,i have heard the term thrown around alot to no avail of any real info on it. and it does show ASUS in the device ID, so i think this is the right setup for it at the moment, since 15.7 secreatly unlocked R300/R200 series crossfire configurations, who knows whats about to happen. ...


          Bus Interface hadnt refreshed yet when i took pick it is installed PCI-E 2.0 x8@x8 1.1 for the R5/R7 M230 driver.



          Looking through GPU-Z the actual readings for my OEM R7 265x can be found here, you can defintly see its under powered this way, using the windows drivers for Win-10 still does not give me


          AMD Radeon R7 265X OEM | techPowerUp GPU Database , This shows the right clock speeds i used to see but the info is for the Desktop version, so bandwitdth is not for laptop, i di however track down the actual Laptop Rx Mxxxxx mobile-listings found here in these 2 links, second link can be found in the first link to Rx main article

          List of AMD graphics processing units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          AMD Radeon Rx 200 series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


          True Aduio and GCN 1.1/1.0 only found on certian models, but im pretty sure this model ASUS X550-DB10, the higher gaming series defintly had that and the actual higher clock speeds of the desktop.


          Looking at a R5-M230 specs and fact that its not even GCN capable has me worried,... REAL WORRIED. The fact AMD is responsible for the Windows -10 driver compatibility "update alongside nvidia, they did one too,  has me more worried, especially since this is new APU, not just new, its actually a newer model thats supposed to have the GNC/True Audio and to add insult to injury???? The bloody R7-265x drivers are included and in my options to select manually and show a message saying windows has found a problem and have determined this is not the right OS for this driver, with R5-M230 being the only chosable choice out of the entire list, and mine lists every driver the "new" Catalyst 15.7 instals, i know this, i uninstalled and made sure NO DRIVERS were present at the time i finally decided to instal 15.7.


          If this was a regular update i tried, mind you i would take the matter up with ASUS the manufacture or if straight out of the box i read the specs on the side, then hecked drivers and found someone over there made a mistake, but it isnt, this supposdly has gone from everyone having Blank/Black screens to getting some driver that, (IMHO)that is wrong and could still possibly damage the hardware, and this my friend isnt ASUS's or any other manufactures fault. I read the MS update notes, i know who responsible.


          So i think someone made a mistake, hope they FIX IT!

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              Adding this and this needs to be marked as solved, at least for now. Picture showing the OEM Windows-10 drivers that fail to be recognized in Catalyst15.7 ....



              Needs to be marked SOLVED.


              Leaving it as this for now, and hope some kind of update to allow A catalyst happens, I at least deserve ONEx(1) Catalyst of some kind to use windows-10 at all. Seriously it is a Kaveri Dgpu mobil setup and i think the R 300series just released August, Really Pr-orders for this were only allowed in Oct2014 and Actual release for this laptop was Jan. for first time sells, im actually pretty mad about this.