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HDMI audio not working after updating the drivers

Question asked by fredfish on Aug 25, 2015
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I just updated my video card drivers (AMD Radeon HD 6450). Previously the drivers were listed as V13. The update is v15


I used the check for updates utility on the AMD website and it recommended updating the Video Driver and the HDMI Audio Driver (among other things) so I did.


Immediately prior to the update I was getting audio through my HDMI lead to my TV - Immediately after the update I am not - naturally I suspect the update :-)


I had taken the precaution of setting a restore immediately prior to the update so I tried to restore to that point but it didn't work.


In my sound preferences the AMD HDMI Output shows as ready and I can select it as the default device. If I select Test I get a message that says that the device is being used by another application and that I should close that first. I don't get this message if I select my main speakers as the default device and test them (the test works fine).


I am using Windows Professional 64 bit.


What should I try next?