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Radeon HD 6550M seems to be mislabeled as HD 5000M in Windows 10 and it keeps installing the wrong drivers

Question asked by toxicmonkey on Aug 24, 2015


I have a Acer Aspire 5820TG with switchable graphics and a Radeon HD 6550M in it.

Since Windows 10 insists on "updating" and replacing my working graphics drivers with a HD 5000M version, games such as Hearthstone have stopped working and now display a black screen where the game used to be and the sound is still working.

It came to my attention that the 6550M is just a slightly updated version of some older 5000M card, and that's why it keep mislabeling it and installing the wrong drivers for it...


Can I manually disable the update and/or replace it with a working 6550M driver somehow?

Or any other solution?

I've tried uninstalling the driver and installing both an older Acer driver (for Win7 technically) - also tried resetting to a previous point that works, but Windows 10 keeps installing the drivers without my say in it...




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