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    Catalyst Control Center will not install no matter what. It's not even available to install in the installer, it never appears.


      Computer is Windows 7 64-bit Gateway FX6800-01e with ATI Radeon HD 4850


      I've done this about...30 times in different ways over the last 2 days. Constant reboots, installations, safe mode wipes with DDU, everything.


      This is the version AMD tells me to install, Legacy , and I've done it countless times. I've even now resorted to installing previous versions to see if those will work, Previous , and nada. CCC will simply not show up in the installer, it doesn't show up in the folders of the driver download, no mention of ccc.exe or something of the sort anywhere so I could do it manually. It simply won't get installed for me. Doing custom installations only brings up the AMD installer, audio HDMI driver and occasionally a SDK thing after I do clean wipes in safe mode with DDU.


      Like I said...I've done this multiple times like crazy over the last couple days and have done clean removals with DDU in safe mode, I just got a brand new AOC monitor from a friend after I've been sporting a tiny HP 4:3 monitor for the last few years. Alas, there's black border bars around the screen and it won't get passed the maximum resolution already (1920x1080) so I'm stuck with that. What would fix that would be...CCC, but I can not get it to be installed and it simply does not appear in the installer after countless attempts.


      Another thing to note is that practically every other site, like this AMD Catalyst 13.9 WHQL Download tells me that the versions AMD is telling me to get is not compatible with my series or version, 4850, and instead starts at the 5000 series...so, that was a weird bit of information.


      Please help, thanks.