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Having problems with AMD Radeon HD 7340 and Windows 10 64 bit. Recently downloaded AMD drivers mal-functioning and freezing computer screen.

Question asked by ronaldamd on Aug 24, 2015

I eagerly awaited Microsoft's release of Windows 10 and after downloading it found that my laptop screen would "freeze up". I discussed this issue with a computer service that I have used in the past and was told that the problem could stem from the graphics driver(s) not being compatible with the new Windows. I downloaded the AMD driver(s) AMD-Catalyst 15.7.1 win10-64 and not only did my screen "freeze" but my computer kept displaying a message informing me that it could not find the drive(s) required for gaming, etc.(I do not do any gaming).  As a last resort I had to revert back to Windows 8.1 (which I more than hate!).  Since the latest AMD drivers are dated 7-28 I assume there has not been any "fix" developed for this issue.