Things which make you go "Why was this invented?"

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Phononic solid-state CPU Cooler Gives Big Cooling Performance in a Small Package


Yep, it's a CPU heatsink with a heat pump for $139, promising that "users can maximize the performance of their system, while at the same time managing the fan noise associated with higher load conditions".


Why wouldn't someone just get, say, the Corsair H105 or another high performance liquid cooler for less money which will provide all the cooling they will ever need while having little to no fan noise? With liquid cooling coming standard on high end AMD graphics cards now (cannot wait for the HBM 2 series Fury cards) and inexpensive, roomy cases like the Corsair C70 able to mount 2 240mm radiators, what's the point of this? Isn't this a bit like that expensive piezoelectric CPU cooler, and that 2.5lb monstrosity known as the Cooler Master V8 GTS?